Oh, Taylor. You sing the songs of my GenX heart with the beat of my Millennial energy and the undying love of my GenZ daughter. We can bond over Taylor like no other thing and for that reason and one million more I will love her forever and ever Amen. Waiting for the tour schedule to drop so I can blow a paycheck on tickets and merch and have no regrets, because my kid is a junior and this may be our last concert together before she moves on to the big big world out there. She is starting to think about colleges and big cities; I am starting to think about how quiet our house will be when she isn’t here to fill it with music and fight with her brother.

P.S. Make your voting plan! You can vote early in Delaware - so even if you are working ALLL DAY on election day, no excuses. Learn more here: https://elections.delaware.gov/information/elections/votinglocations.shtml

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