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Mother's Day

I am just going to say that putting Mother’s Day smack in the middle of spring is some special kind of BS. Hopefully you can enjoy your day, even as you spend it at the baseball field or returning the tux or driving home from a tournament or baking for some end of year / end of season / end of Covid (???) celebration. Hopefully you’ll get a day off from stain treatment and errands and your people will be able to spoil you for a little with the thing you crave the very most — whether its a pedi appointment or an afternoon to yourself or just being able to guilt-free walk past the sink full of dishes.

And thoughts and prayers to all of us with the even heavier lifts this spring with the end of something big - like for us, the end of middle school, and for so many friends, the end of high school. How exactly is this happening, when it feels like yesterday I was at the preschool Mother’s Day Tea and this week I took my kid to a college fair. The years fly by, and this year has flown faster than all of them. Is it because the last two years seemed to creeeeep by in slow motion that this year felt so fast? Like that 80s icon Ferris Bueller said, if you don’t slow down once in a while, you might miss it.

Here’s to not missing it as the spring flies by, one prom weekend and sports banquet and field trip and graduation event at a time.

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