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New Traditions

It’s a year for new holiday traditions - or at least a one-time departure from our regular traditions - and it feels sad and hopeful all at once. If we cancel our big Thanksgiving, Winter Holiday, New Year’s Plans — are we guaranteeing a better series of celebrations next year? Nope, there are no guarantees. But data, science, leaders, experts all tell us it’s the right thing to do. 

That’s the sad part. Here’s the hopeful part: different than always can be GREAT! And this is the only holiday season of 2020 we’re ever going to have. Our kids will talk about how they zoomed with their grandparents and FaceTimed with their cousins … while every other year blends together, this one will stand out. What can we do to make it great and memorable and fun?

We need to pull on our adult pants and do it. The kids will follow our lead. 

On my first thanksgiving as a married woman, I was on my honeymoon - tacos and cerveza by the pool, and I was thankful for every second of it. One year, we had a child wake up with a stomach bug, and we pulled the plug and had our own little Thanksgiving that could and it was lovely. My kids remember it as the one year they could watch the whole parade on TV because we weren’t on the New Jersey Turnpike or the Beltway. Well, kids, guess what? We’ll be watching the whole parade this year! Maybe we should make parade bingo and see who can spy Santa, Mickey Mouse, Savannah Guthrie, whoever? Let’s pick a family movie to watch that night, and get the holiday tree trim bins out and think about what lies ahead instead of what we are missing. 

Yes, we’ll be missing our family. Yes, we’ll be missing our traditions. But we’ll be gaining a lot too. Keep the faith. 

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