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News for the New Year

For nearly 16 years, we’ve been in your inbox every.single.Sunday. When the Buzz was born, we had three kids between us and they were in grade school and preschool. Now, the oldest two are out of college and the remaining three are in high school. We’ve put out the weekly Buzz as we gave birth to twins (Traci), sent our kids to Medical School (Jenn), moved to the West Coast for a while (again, Jenn) - and during every meaningless and magical milestone in between. As our own kids grew, so did our readership - and now we reach more than 5,000 families in the Brandywine Valley each week with our blog, our calendar of events, and guest blogs from community leaders, advocates, parents, physicians, and friends. It’s been a joy and a journey. And we’ve got some news to share.

It’s a good news / bad news thing. If one of your 2023 resolutions is to cut down on emails, then this is definitely good news for you … because, friends, it’s time. We see the new digital media trends and the moms on tiktok and it’s not that we can’t keep up — because WE CAN, clearly we are young and hip and all the things — it’s just that we’re tired, and our kids are big, and we don’t want to. It’s time for another mom and her friend to come up with the next thing that is going to fill this void and keep Brandywine Valley parents informed and engaged in all the great things our communities have to offer - and it’s time to put our feet up, pour a glass of rosé, find our readers, and pat ourselves on the back for doing the damn thing for all these years.

Thank you for joining us along the way and supporting our local libraries and camps and arts and schools and parks and events. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feedback, which we always appreciated. Thank you for the book recommendations, the invitations to events, the kindness you have extended to us for these last almost 16 years. We are so, so grateful to have been welcomed into your inbox and your lives. It’s been a journey, and such a joy.

This is our last Sunday email. Let’s leave you with these parting thoughts: you’re a better parent than you give yourself credit for, no one cares how organized your linen closet is but you, takeout is still dinner and that’s all that matters, and you’ll never regret reading a great book, taking a walk with a friend, or going to bed early.

Happy Holidays, Happy New Year, Happy Everything.

xo Traci & Jenn

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