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Ninja Magic

It’s the time of year when - in normal times - we make all kind of magic, with the help of stealth delivery personnel, a few lunch breaks spent running errands, and maybe an afternoon at Grandma’s so we can wrap and strategically hide.

Ummmmm, let’s just add “ninja” to our regular roster of holiday merriment — because it’s pretty hard to do magical things in the home when the recipients of the magic are in the home ALL THE TIME. Moms of older kids have it a little easier - the kids are literally just in their rooms all the time and also completely wrapped up in themselves, so you can wrap their presents right out in the open and literally not one person will notice. But the little guys? They are so observant - that’s fancy for noticing things, according to Fancy Nancy. I mean seriously. They of course can’t see the ketchup at eye level in the fridge, but they definitely notice a large box on the front porch.

A few suggestions:

1. Dad can take the kids to drive around an look at lights, while mom frantically does ALL THE THINGS

2. gift bags

Also, to make matters worse, they are telling us we’re getting an inconvenient snowstorm this week? Pandemic + snowstorm = madness at the grocery store this week. Suit up, and don’t forget that you never end up making the french toast you bought all those eggs and milk for. We haven’t had snow since March 2019 — enjoy the hot cocoa and piles of wet laundry.

We can do hard things. Keep going!

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