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No Place Like Home

Glad to be home after two weeks away at two different beaches, with books and friends and family and cousins (including one tiny one visiting from California) and great meals and cocktails and a spontaneous house party and even more spontaneous Starboard happy hour. We left after dinner Saturday night, driving the short distance home with one kid - summer job to return for! - and leaving two behind with their grandparents for another week.

We never expected traffic when leaving Dewey at 8:45 pm, and as I was looking at the Maps app a notification came in on my phone - Rt. 1 closed in both directions due to a serious accident. We re-routed safely, found a work-around through Magnolia, and got home 45 minutes later than we should have — not a crisis, barely an inconvenience.

And the whole time, we reflected on how grateful we were to be in our safe if a little dinged up car. Delayed but safe. Tired, but safe. Safe, safe, safe.

Not all of us are as fortunate. There is news nearly every day of a car accident, a bike accident, a surf injury, gun violence. Last week in Dewey, our extended framily (that’s the friends that are absolutely like family) got a grave reminder when a dear friend of their daughter's was seriously injured while biking in Dewey — a terrifying accident that has a whole community offering prayers and awaiting updates and reminding their children about the rules of the road, about exercising extra caution, and staying safe.

It’s all we can do, right, as they grow? Just remind them. Remind them to make good choices, to stick together, to look both ways. The lessons we’ve been teaching them since they were tiny don’t go away, and their rapidly changing brains need constant reminders and supervision to stay on track. And then, after all the reminding and safety lectures, we just wait for them to return home to us.

Indeed, there’s no place like home.

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