Play Ball!

Baseball is BACK - and with it, the muddy knees and concession stand dinners that are the perennial accompaniments to the season. If you see a mom in line at the Hockessin Wawa with an army of kids in cleats, just give her grace — she hasn’t been home long enough to know which end is up for days on end.

In the same newsfeed, the prom pictures are starting. Can graduations be far behind? With all these rites of passage, is it finally - really this time - spring? Because I don’t know about you, but I am READY FOR IT. Late Easter means we have not had spring break yet, and we are really feeling it. We are definitely spring break ready in our heads and almost ready in real life, with just a few more things to organize and pack … mostly swim gear, a few things for dinners at the resort, and more books than I’ll have time to read.

But what if the books I choose don’t grab me from the get-go, or what if they aren’t what I’m in the mood for that day? Packing books for vacation is hard; I have resisted the Kindle and so it’s just going to be me paring down a pile of paperbacks between now and when we leave for the airport next weekend. (follow along on Buzz instagram stories to see what the verdict is!)

Here’s hoping for blue skies and home runs - in baseball and books! - all season long.

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