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Quarantine Halloween

Among the big questions circulating these days is this one: what’s going on for Halloween? Costumes and cute pictures aside, are you planning to trick-or-treat? Keeping it a little more intimate this year? Our neighborhood had declared a dusk timeframe for trick or treating - 5 pm ish - and suggested tables in driveways, so no one has to approach houses or even people if they don’t want to. We’ll be sitting nearby enjoying a fire-pit and hope to see cute costumed kids from the safe distance of our driveway. 

But Halloween just feels like one more thing on the long list of traditions that have been upended this year. It feels like the gateway to the winter holidays — and it’s causing us all to start thinking about what Thanksgiving and the winter holidays will look like. 

Hint: it will look a lot different than last year. So many traditions won’t be available - maybe no Breakfast with Santa, no Nutcracker, no A Christmas Carol. What new experiences can pop up in place this year? Our weekly calendar of events will be coming at you as always, so you can see what the options are and plan accordingly. There are so many questions about what the rest of fall and winter will look like. At best, it’s worthy of conversations. At worst, dust off your roasting pan and learn how to make a turkey. 

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