It’s October. Rocktober. Knocktober. Socktober. And the Halloween - and spirit week! - scaries are ready to descend. Lower your kids’ expectations NOW for how much craft material you own, and help them look ahead to their spirit week needs so you won’t find yourself at Michael’s at 9 pm on a school night.

Speaking of scaries, did you know that public schools in the City of Wilmington are currently scoring at sub 15% for literacy AND numeracy? Even scarier, there THREE school districts that serve children from Wilmington, which means getting FOUR school boards to agree on a single plan of action. But, a plan does exist. Is it perfect? Probably not. Is it a strong step in the right direction? ABSOLUTELY. The Wilmington Learning Collaborative, if approved by the school boards, will direct new dedicated funds to enable targeted services for kids and families *based on what each school determines its specific needs are*! The point of the WLC is to allow city leaders, teachers, and families to make school-based decisions - not entire district-based decisions where the needs are so disproportionate given their geography. Given decades of unacceptable outcomes, Wilmington schools would have a new governance board that focuses decisions on the people most affected by the quality of education in those buildings — by people who live and work in Wilmington. This is an evidence based intervention, not made up idea.

And you can help. Email your school board rep and encourage them to support the Wilmington Learning Collaborative! It’s that easy to advocate!

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