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School’s (almost) out for summer!

For kids in Uvalde Texas, school’s out forever. It’s so terrible. Personally, I find it unacceptable. Harry Styles says so, 70% of the United States electorate says so, teachers say so, and this blog says so. Here’s how you can stand with gun violence prevention orgs in Delaware and Pennsylvania.

1. Join Delaware Coalition Against Gun Violence ( or CeaseFirePA ( Signing up costs nothing, and when they need you to advocate to your representative, they will know how to reach you.

2. Donate to these same orgs - they will use your gift to manage advocacy efforts based in YOUR state, generate policy briefs, and coordinate travel to the state and national capitals to put pressure on legislators to do what’s in their power to drive change and prevent gun violence. They will use your gift to coordinate and share prevention education materials, trainings, and information.

3. Join a national org too - Brady, Giffords, Moms Demand. So many ways to get engaged.

4. Stay hopeful. We can’t lose hope. We can’t say it’s not worth trying because we will never succeed at preventing gun violence - we succeed in small and big ways every day.

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