Schoolhouse Rock

A little Schoolhouse Rock primer for you on the redistricting process that is just wrapping up in Delaware: Every 10 years = census, which counts the people living where they live and then makes sure they have adequate representation in local, state, and federal government. So in Delaware that means that shortly after the census info comes out, the lines of districts for state house and state senate seats are redrawn to make sure that each representative has roughly the same number of people in their district as everyone else — in the Delaware House, for example, that’s around 20k.

Then, every single district chooses their rep / senator — so the person who currently represents you might run again to continue to represent you, or the person who currently represents you is now going to rep a new district and you’ll vote for a new person to represent you. This election will take place in November 22, also known as the “midterms” because the White House is not on the ballot, but roughly 1/3 of the Federal Senate is, every Federal House seat is, and plenty of local races.

And, because of redistricting, EVERY seat in the Delaware legislature is up. Some districts have grown or changed shape, some have shrunk because the population grew, some have disappeared altogether and are showing up in some other county. It’s a little confusing and involves a lot of details and if you want more info, you can find it here:

Find out who your rep is and who your senator is, sign up for their constituent email and follow their social media, and let them know what issues are important to you. They are there to help, and they welcome your feedback. Seriously. Decisions are made by those who show up.

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