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Screen Time

Anyone else get a doozy of a screen time report this week? Between schools releasing their reopening plans (we heard one school is reopening but not allowing the kids to talk? Whaaat?), the government insurgency, and Bridgerton, there have been a lot of hours logged on screens small, medium, and big this week. Is there anything that can be done about it? Our family’s socializing is strictly outdoors, and baby, it’s cold outside. We miss our friends and we miss our families and we miss our real lives. Luckily we have TV and twitter (down a few users this week) to keep us entertained.

This is surely the winter of our discontent, but hope springs eternal. The first round of those vaccinated locally have now gotten their second doses (we are hearing that the 2nd is a little worse than the first, and of course we know that means it’s working! We STRONGLY URGE everyone to get vaccinated when they can!); we hope that soon, teachers and school personnel will be vaccinated and we’ll be on the way to a safe and productive 3rd and 4th marking periods.

And in ten days, we will (hopefully) witness a peaceful transfer of power.

Only one question remains: WHEN will the next season of Bridgerton drop????

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