Self Care is Healthcare

My friend’s apple watch dinged her for not closing her rings and she was like “ummm, yeah, I was RESTING.” I got on my daughter’s case recently about how she was laying down on her bed doing nothing when she still had laundry to do, homework, her room wasn’t clean. She says “mom, I’m resting”.

Me: wait, what?

It is beginning to occur to me that rest - in my life - has been considered a reward and that, instead, rest SHOULD BE a requirement. It should be celebrated. Instead of my friend’s watch shaming her for not closing her rings, she should get a popup of “Congrats! You have prioritized rest in your day, making you more effective tomorrow” and she should get like a confetti emoji or something like that. As we head into winter for real for real, I’m going to commit to more rest - true rest. Not watching a show while I check email, not absentmindedly scrolling while I wait for the dryer to finish. Rest.

Does anyone know how??

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