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Self-Inflicted Care

What do you call it when self-care even feels like you have to force yourself in to it? Self-inflicted care? Because sometimes that’s what it comes down to. Like when you know the only way you can possibly get yourself to go for a walk / the gym / exercise / choose the salad is when there is some outside force of accountability? Is it even really self-care that way? Who knows.

I know this: it’s May, and even though there are likely not going to be year end field trips or field days, there is still only a little bit of runway between now and when we take off into summer. We are out of practice because no one had a real “year end” last year, so this reminder: teacher gifts CAN be bought at the grocery store on the way to carline. Gift cards are preferred and easiest so why are you killing yourself crafting something? Like, if you love the crafting - go for it. Otherwise, cross that right off your list. It’s the thought that counts.Ditto for the coach, the troop leader, and any other person who has supported your child’s learning and growth journey this school year. Might I suggest you have your child write a letter or note? It’s a way to occupy their time for a minute, teach gratitude, and teachers LOVE THIS. Win / win / WIN.

And while you’re in the gifting mood, don’t forget that Mother’s Day is coming so pick yourself up something nice while you’re out.

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