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Slow Down

It’s October, so naturally you can buy your Christmas Tree at Lowes and there is a whole holiday baking section set up at Acme.

Guys, we have got to get through this month first. We’ve got Homecomings and Halloween parties, tournaments and tailgates, school projects and school application deadlines. It’s all happening. Like, literally, it’s ALL happening, all at once. I’ve got calendars for my calendars and trying to plan our meals around what can be served, enjoyed, and cleaned up in under 30 minutes so we can fit it in between Mom’s work thing, Dad’s work thing, and the kids’ various and sundry school things that seem to all happen on Mondays and Thursdays.

What we ALL need is a collective slowdown, and luckily we’ll have it this coming weekend when one of our kids’ schools is closed Friday and one is closed Monday, which means we all have a three day weekend of some fashion, except mom and dad who have just the regular length weekend, but specially seasoned with different kids having different nights that aren’t a school night. Literally it’s no wonder that we are all so tired.

Coffee up. October is here.

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