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Spring Fever

Spring fever is more contagious than the Omicron variant, it would seem. We had a bad case of it this past week, which was not helped by a 2:45 pm Blue Hens game on a 74 degree March Friday afternoon. The 10-day forecast has us turning the heat back on at some point but even just a few glorious days reminds us all how ready we are for spring and summer.

And we are ready. My 8th graders can’t understand why they still have to even GO to school at all, since they already know where they are going to high school and what does it even matter. It matters. We learned hard and fast how much it all matters when they all came home two years ago and never went back that year. It matters. And despite how bananas the next few months will be, we recognize in an acute and poignant way how much it all means - each time we pull out the cleats, locate the lost shin guard, bleach the baseball pants, race out to get the posterboard (just buy some this week!), get the play tickets, we know how much it all matters.

And we also know from lived experience that these next two months are going to absolutely fly by, which means moms need to be scheduling those camps and lining up those sitters fast, quick, and in a hurry. One series of 70+ days in March is a sure sign of the spring and summer to come. Let’s go.

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