Ten Minutes

It’s just ten minutes, I tell myself, when trying to schedule an eye doctor appointment for my child. Ten minutes to find the number, wait on hold, check the calendar, update the insurance info, schedule the appointment. And then a half day out of the office to pick up at school, get there, dilate, wait, wait, wait, do the exam, get the prescription, go to the glasses place, order the glasses, and then another 45 minutes 3 weeks later to get the kid, go pick up and try on the glasses. By the time this all happens, it’s time to schedule the next appointment.

And this is why I can never motivate to make the appointments. Because it’s ten minutes and then like 400 minutes and who.has.time.for.that? Add in another few kids and it’s a wonder that any parent can work full time. And I’m talking about healthy kids who occasionally need to see a specialist or have a regular well-check. How do parents of kids with greater medical needs do it? This isn’t one of those rhetorical questions, it’s the real question - literally how?

The only way I can think of is that they have a deep bench, and know how to ask for and manage help. Yes, I am capable of *doing it all* but I’m also capable of lining up a mom for a carpool and seeing if my retired parents can help with pick up now and then. But scheduling the thing - it’s just ten minutes! - seems to always take longer and more planning than just doing the thing.

One time, I showed up for a doctor appointment that I did not have scheduled. I am not sure where the error was - on my end, or theirs - but either way, I walked in and said that I was here for my annual and the lovely front desk lady said we don’t have you on the schedule BUT since you’re here we’re going to get you in because we know how hard it is to get here in the first place. I thought to myself - is it really that hard? But at the time I had one tiny child with no schedule of her own, and she was at childcare, and it was not that hard. NOW IT’S SO HARD.

We can do hard things, friends. Just keep going.

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