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The Best Kind of Invitation

The group chat was off to a hot start Saturday morning with the snow, and one friend says “hey, we’re going to make chili later. Interested?” and because we literally had nothing to do of course, all of us were all in. But because it was the kind of friends who totally get it, the invitation went like this: I’m not cleaning my house. Come over later for chili? and the responses were like “sure, but I’m not going to the store so I think I can make a salad?” and “I’ll bring blondies but might not have enough brown sugar, I’ll let you know” and “I’ll stop for beer and bring paper plates.”

Guys. This is the holy grail of friendship - the people who love you just as you are, who you are able to be completely yourself in front of. Dirty hair in a ponytail, paper plates, and real friends are the reward for surviving all the friend drama bullshit we are helping our own children navigate right now. No nonsense. Just show up if you want, we’ll miss you if you can’t. There is so much comfort in the knowledge that if you’re not there and your friends are talking about you, it is only because they miss you.

Remember our 20s when if you had nothing to do on any given Saturday night, you’d just have a few friends over and play cards? In your 40s, this is the PERFECT night. A little music in the background but not so loud you can’t hear, your tweens hanging with their friends in the basement with video games or — and this part feels like fiction — actually playing a board game, and real talk with real friends over a long round of Five Crowns.

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