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The Daily Outrage

School sports. Virtual school. Equity in education. Elections. RBG. ICE detention centers and forced sterilizations. My grocery bill. The number of dishes in my sink at any given time. COVID tests. COVID data. Your kids' social life. Your parents’ social life. Your own social life. School fundraisers. PTA meetings. Calling the library to schedule a pick-up. Lysol wipes are in at Costco. Meet the Teacher night on zoom. Halloween. The holidays. Is it safe to travel? 

THERE IS SO MUCH TO THINK ABOUT. How can we possibly juggle it all in our heads? It’s the endless battle for critical real estate between your ears, and it always comes down to this: the urgent vs the important. 

Right now, it all feels like both - and that’s the most stressful thing at all. 

In the beforetimes, if you ran out of bread, your kids could get lunch at school. No big deal. Put it on your lunch account and I’ll get a loaf of bread for tomorrow. Now? You’re out of bread every five minutes because the kitchen is always open and everyone is milling in and out of it alllll day long. Now getting groceries is important AND urgent.

In the beforetimes, if your internet dropped it was a minor inconvenience. Netflix will be back in a little bit, calm down. Now, it’s our professional, social, and academic lifeline and if/when the internet is slow or drops completely, it becomes the top priority in the world to fix it. 

In the beforetimes (well, quite a bit longer ago than that), if an elderly, health-compromised Supreme Court justice finally succumbed to a long illness, it was terribly sad and worrisome and political types would advocate and send letters and call offices to encourage action or inaction in equal measure. The country would wait to see who was nominated. Now? Whoa. What could be more urgent or more important than this?

We have arrived at the time in 2020 when everything is both urgent and important at the same time. If you want to get to work, reach out to me: I’ll find you the campaign where you live that needs your help. 

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