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The Dinner Plan

What’s for dinner? When’s dinner? Do we have the ingredients for dinner? Who is cooking the dinner? Who is preparing for the cooking of the dinner? Or should we go out? Where? Or get take out? From where? Tacos again? Or pasta again? Or pizza - again?

OMG I’m so tired of thinking about dinner.

When we envisioned starting a family, I’m not sure what we expected but it was definitely not how much thought and work and conversation would go into figuring out what we were going to eat for dinner forever and ever and ever amen.

Here’s the thing - does it matter? Is there a new combination of protein plus carbs plus fruit and vegetables that will magically, if I just figure out the exact right ingredients, make my children grow to their fullest healthiest safest smartest potential? Or literally can we just do pizza every.single.night and get the same result? Do we *have* to eat as a family and set the table (hint: no) to keep our kids off drugs, like all the studies say? Can the return of normalcy please include the return of after school programming and sports so that I sometimes I can get a free pass and we can just eat Wawa subs in the car?

This week, we’re doing the usual rotation of pasta night, taco night, pizza night, grill something night, and something oven-baked night. It’s boring and mundane and not inventive but everyone will eat all the offerings and it’s already planned out thanks to an unscheduled Sunday, which means the week is already off to a good start because the thinking about what’s for dinner each night is already handled. One less thing to worry about this week.

P.S. Please get vaccinated against COVID-19.

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