The End.

January 1 is for empty nesters (those that have not yet built their nests, and those who have moved the chicks on out!), but the rest of us know the truth: the end of the school year is the end, and the new year starts when school does. Now, we are in the hiatus - somewhere between 11:59 pm but still a few weeks away from midnight — school is ending, but not yet starting, which leaves us with a few glorious months of not having to check backpacks. First order of business will be to empty the backpacks and immediately throw them into the laundry. The backpacks have 100 pockets so check them and basically throw it all away. If you are a good mom, you can put the piles of take-home to review later, but in my experience, it’s all trash - especially in the later years. There is cute stuff from when they are little, but that feels so far in the rearview mirror to me that it’s almost unbelievable that it ever happened in the first place. Next order of business is no more business. That’s it. Like that is literally it. That is the most I can manage immediately following the last day of school. A quick glance at the report cards, a quick review to make sure that nothing is growing in the lunchboxes, and then helllllooooooo summer. Let’s do this.

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