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The End of the Summer

One of my very favorite singer songwriters Dar Williams wrote a beautiful song called The End of the Summer and one line is resonating right now — “It’s just that time of year, when we push ourselves ahead.”

Ugh. I would like to push the pause button and stay right here, because this week starts preseason and that means I officially have three high schoolers and summer is over. Yes, we will still have some beach time and yes Labor Day Weekend is still a few weeks away, but Monday means back to routine and drop off and pick up and carpooling and water bottles and lunch boxes and pulling out the backpacks and uniforms and keeping track of things in a completely different way than before.

Our tiny laundry room has a small space between the wall and a cabinet where we keep the seasonal items we always need — during the school year, it’s the backpack drop zone and during the summer, it’s the spot where all the beach and pool towels are stored. For the next couple of weeks, we need this one spot to literally do two things at once and I feel its pain. The towels are saying “hey, backpacks, not yet!” and the backpacks are moving in anyway, ready or not.

It’s the end of the summer, when we push ourselves ahead.

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