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The Nice Kids

I’m sitting on the beach yesterday and a group of teens walk by; I’m reading my book and drinking my Fresca and not paying any attention and I hear “hi, Mrs. Murphy." I glance up. Neighborhood pool kid, long time classmate of my kids, stopping in the middle of his walk on the beach with his board and his swagger to say hello to this middle aged pool mom.

I mean, what a nice kid. There are just nice kids out there; nice to their peers, nice to some random mom lady, nice to the earth and their siblings. Just nice kids.

How do they get that way? Like, is there something we can do to just make a regular kid into a nice kid? Or maybe it’s not that he was “nice” walking up the beach, maybe he’s just outgoing? Friendly. Extroverted. So how do you get your kids to be that way? It’s a crapshoot is what I’m figuring.

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