The Peer Pressure Struggle Is Real

So, we’ve alllll seen the news. The White House hosted a party and everyone got COVID as a party favor. But here’s the thing - the President of the University of Notre Dame was there to cheer on the #ContagiousACB, and he got COVID too. But he expects ND students to wear masks and social distance. Do as I say, not as I do, anyone? Why didn’t he follow the rules he so clearly understands and advocates for on his campus?


The struggle is real. I’m sure we can all remember a time or twenty that we did something regrettable because “everyone was doing it.” We have to add COVID risks to the increasingly long list of things we should be talking to our kids about. And as always, we should be talking to our kids about not just doing the right thing, but advocating for the right thing among their peers. The kids at Notre Dame are doing this - they have circulated a petition and will appeal to the student senate to call for their President’s resignation, citing him as a repeat offender and referencing that, if he were a student, he’d be expelled. 

The kids are alright. 

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