The Preciousness of Now

Weekend away in Rehoboth with a few vaccinated friends got me thinking about the small joys, and how they feel so much bigger now. Deep conversations on the screened porch, a Bloody Mary and hysterical laughter at the Starboard, an hour in Browseabout Books, a walk on the boards, a little boutique shopping was always a thing to be savored, but now? Sheer and abundant joy. Deep contentment. Real and true presence. Is it because it’s been so long since we’ve enjoyed things this way, or is it because we are comparing this April - which feels safe and encouraging - to last April, when we couldn’t find toilet paper in the stores and we couldn’t see our friends or hug our family? As terrifying as last spring was is as hopeful as this spring feels.

As the months go by (and hopefully we’re getting farther and farther away from the COVID crisis and not headed for a third wave), we will slowly let go of the COVID changes. One day, we will walk into the hair salon and no one will take our temperature. One day, hand san won’t be featured next to every register and every host stand. One day will be the last day someone mentions their vaccine status. One day, we will walk into a public place again and not wear a mask. One day, we may return to our offices.

As we do, let’s keep the preciousness of now, the abundant satisfaction in the every day things we took for granted for so long and really really missed last year. Let’s keep the joy.

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