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The Salesianum Schoolhouse

For as challenging as the COVID-19 epidemic has been, it has also presented some real opportunities for Salesianum to innovate and discover new operating possibilities.  Our schoolhouse is just one manifestation of that reality.

In working with our principal, Father Chris Beretta, this summer, it became apparent to us that the fall was going to be different than the initial shutdown in the spring.   Unlike in March, when everyone was working from home, or simply not working, the fall presented a patchwork of scenarios that would inevitably cause stress and conflict for employees with school age children.  Thus, we came up with an idea for a schoolhouse, whereby employees could bring their children to Salesianum and have them safely complete their distance learning in a supervised and supportive environment while their parent(s) worked.

The results so far have been even better than we expected.  I know how grateful our employees are, but the reality is, we’re always working hard to make Salesianum be a great place to work.  For us, this is just one more step we can take to demonstrate to our teachers and staff how much we value their contributions to our mission.  And, as an added bonus, their daughters get to tell a great story about being the first girls at Salesianum.

Mr. Kennealey is the fourth President of Salesianum and the first lay-leader in the school’s 117 year history. His career in education began as a volunteer teacher at Nativity Preparatory School in Boston before becoming the founding principal of a Nativity Preparatory School in New Bedford, Massachusetts in 2000. Mr. Kennealey then returned to Wilmington to work with the Oblates of St. Francis de Sales establish Nativity Preparatory School in Wilmington. Turning his sights internationally, in 2004 he founded the Benebikira Sisters Foundation which raises awareness and funding for the Benebikira Sisters' schools and health clinics in Rwanda. Before arriving at Salesianum, Mr. Kennealey was an Area Superintendent for the Catholic Schools Office in the Archdiocese of Boston.  Mr. Kennealey currently serves on the boards of the Benebikira Sisters Foundation, Ursuline Academy, and DeSales University. He received a BA in Psychology from Boston College and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

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