The Whac-A-Mole Years

Halloween? CHECK. Now, it’s the quick and maddening descent to No School November, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year’s, and 2022 will be here. Two months to go. 8 weeks. You ready?

No, me neither.

Plus, inconveniently, I have a fairly big high school reunion to consider - well, big in number of years since graduation, not big in terms of excitement or attendance. I mean, it’s Thanksgiving weekend — which is a great time for everyone when it’s been 5 years or maybe event 10, but now half of us have parents that moved away, and we ourselves live far away. We used to show up to Thanksgiving dinner slightly hungover and ready for a football nap on the couch in the afternoon; now we are the ones cooking the bird, cleaning the dishes, and putting out the desserts. We are solidly in the whac-a-mole years - monitoring our kids AND our parents on social media, driving our kids AND our parents to appointments, worrying endlessly about them all. But at least we may get to have holidays this year?? Vaccinations are coming in hot for the littler guys — we may be washing dishes, but the little guys are a few weeks away from sleepovers at grandma’s house!

Good times ahead this holiday season. Plan accordingly.

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