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The Wilmington Learning Collaborative and Why I Support It

I serve as the Executive Director of the Center For Structural Equity (CFSE). We operate, function, and organize from the perspective that structural inequalities translate and produce poor health outcomes. Our primary areas of concern are: housing, mental health, employment, drug addiction, gun violence, and education. The CFSE contends when serious efforts and resources are devoted to addressing these issues, underserved and traditionally marginalized communities will witness an improvement in health outcomes.

My staff and I were elated and excited when Governor Carney announced the

Wilmington Learning Collaborative (WLC), a voluntary partnership between the community and three school districts in the City of Wilmington – Brandywine, Red Clay, and Christina. As the grandfather of two young students attending schools within the Red Clay School District, I wanted to witness firsthand the community’s reaction to this initiative. To date, my team and I have participated in five community walks distributing over 2,500 flyers. Overwhelmingly, the community members whom I encountered strongly support the Governor and school districts’ efforts to improving our schools. My team and I echo those sentiments and will continue to support the WLC. I hope the school boards will support these efforts.

Respectfully submitted,

Darryl Wolfie Chambers -Executive Director, Center For Structural Equity

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