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They are ready. Am I?

We got the call we’ve been waiting for — the twins go back to school four days each week starting after spring break. Thank you, Red Clay! I’ve been waiting for this for a year. I’ve been advocating for it - encouraging people to stay home whenever they can so that the schools CAN reopen safely. I’ve donated cleaning supplies to classrooms. I’ve watched my kids miss their friends and at the same time flourish with the flexibility and extra sleep.

All of a sudden - I’m not ready. A year and a week into the COVID crisis and I'm not sure how exactly I will function having to go back to a daily morning routine. Plus, and please do not ever tell them this - I’m going to miss them. These kids have been my constant companions for a year. I’ve been there to help with math in real time, been there to supervise them making their own hot lunches (can these kids not eat a sandwich??), been there to see what really goes in those schools (and I’m impressed).

They claim they don’t want to - four days! Ugh! Mom! Whyyyy! - but the complaints were short-lived, which is my way of knowing for real how they feel about something. A short-lived complaint from a teen might as well be downright enthusiasm. They are going back four days a week, seeing friends and navigating the new normal more days than not, masks on and ready for the world. Go get ‘em, kids.

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