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Time for The Rest

The gifts have been gifted, the cookies baked and eaten and the clean up is underway - which means now, it’s time for The Rest. Not “the rest” like what is remaining, but officially The Rest which is the official name of the post holiday week. How do you rest? I rest by reading, by puzzling, by sometimes taking a walk, by drinking warm beverages by the fire. (this is also how I rest in the summer, but it’s cold beverages by the ocean)

Also, it’s "time for the rest" like the time has arrived, but also, you have to MAKE time for the rest because resting for moms doesn’t happen unless you plan it. We are going to see family in the DC area on Monday, because we were invited to go today (Sunday) and I literally said no, I don’t do anything that day. Like not anything. N O T H I N G. Books, coffee, maybe tv, maybe MAYBE get out of my pajamas. That’s it. So we will continue our merriment with a little trip to DC, where we will rest there, and then we will come home and rest some more, and we will rest with friends at a small new year’s gathering, and when we take the kids to the bus stop on January 3, we will have rested enough that we are ready for what comes in January.

There’s time to think about that next week. This week is the time for The Rest.

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