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Tis The Damn Season

Write this down. The holidays are coming in hot and it’s time to manage expectations all around — mostly other people’s expectations of me.

1. No cards. I texted my earliest bird friend yesterday to thank her for the holiday card and reminded her that I have given up holiday cards. Sorry but NOT sorry because I am triple-committed to not spending time or money on things that do not fill me with joy. My friend said sending cards brings her joy and I am happy to be on her joy list but no, that is not a joyful event for me. Bye cards.

2. Hosting. I am hosting Christmas Eve for the second year and again, managing expectations: I hope our people show up ready to laugh, hug, and not judge the food too closely. We do an appetizers-only Christmas Eve and there will be plenty to eat, but none of it fancy. Pigs in a blanket? Yes please.

3. Gifts. Sorry, teens. You live incredibly expensive lives and what’s under the tree is going to be a reflection of that. Christmas comes every day in this house, according to our visa bill. You’re welcome in advance for the sneakers you need.

Managing expectations of myself too. Reminder: we can do anything, but not everything. Celebrate accordingly.

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