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Transition Time

The most important thing to remember at back to school time is this: everyone is exhausted and out of sorts. People that are used to grazing all day are now back to a square meal at an off-time surrounded by peers. People that used to wake up slowly and adjust with cereal now have to sprint from the moment they open their eyes until they are seated in the car or on the bus. The Vitamin D we spent all summer soaking in is just not there under the harsh lights of the hallways or classrooms.

Everyone needs a little extra grace right now, and most especially the moms, who are making alllll the back to school magic happen. Think the kids are tired? MOMS ARE EVEN TIREDER. We are the ones that scheduled the haircuts, bought the backpacks, filled them, got the teacher assignments, made the calls, got the sports physicals, packed the lunches, worried until 2 am several nights in a row (for nothing they are fine), basically did the summer reading for them for the effort it took to get them to do it, etc.

But the MOST TIREDEST of all are the teachers, and we must all commit to this contract of letting the teachers do the teaching and we just do the parenting and leave them alone to the very best of our ability. Just let the first few weeks settle in without even one single email to these poor teachers who had to get their own kids out the door or off to college and now have to pick up the pieces of the hot messes we are dropping at their feet. Let us all remember the condition of the children we are sending in when it comes time for teacher gifts. Amen.

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