Trust Fall

This just in: Beginning this Friday in Delaware, FULLY VACCINATED people do not need to wear masks in public settings. So, in theory, the risk to those still unvaccinated or under-vaccinated is very low - because people will either be masked or vaccinated. Put another way - we spent the past year protecting ourselves and our neighbors using masks; now we’re trusting the vaccine to protect us.

In other words, we are about to enter the biggest trust fall of our entire existence.

Imagine walking in to your neighborhood Acme with a nine year old, not even eligible to be vaccinated yet. In theory, they are protected from COVID by three things: their own mask, the vaccinated people around them, and the masks of those who are unvaccinated. Of course, the unvaccinated look exactly like the vaccinated, and so we have no choice but to wonder and worry about every person that crosses our paths. Are they vaccinated and trusting the science, or are they science-deniers and not vaccinated? It’s easier to trust the science than our own community, isn’t it?

And so, many of us will continue to mask in certain settings. And when you see someone with a mask on, instead of wondering what they are scared of, let’s wonder who they are protecting.

And, get vaccinated. If your children are 12 or older, get them vaccinated. As my friend Meghan’s tee-shirt says, Vaccines Cause Adults.

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