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Turn Down the Heat

So, *that* was a hot one. I mean all week long with the three digit heat indexes and too hot to play outside and too hot to even *be* outside. And inside was no better, what with social media literally exploding because Delaware’s Governor called for a mask mandate in schools to interfere with the spread of a deadly disease that is crippling hospitals and devastating families and communities.

Guys, we have *got* to turn down the heat. People are so angry. They are angry on social media and they are angry on street corners protesting vaccine mandates and they are angry when they can’t get a good parking space and they are angry behind the wheel and it’s awful. Our kids are the most stressed out kids like, ever, and I have got to believe that at least part of it is our fault. And, how can we help them when it’s so hard to help ourselves?

For me, I’m consciously turning away from the things that set me off and doubling down on the things that help me feel more centered. More reading books, less scrolling. More friend time, less TV. More outside, less inside.

We only have a few weeks left before the busses start their routes. Making the most of it, starting again NOW.

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