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I know nothing of thirteen year old boys. When my brother turned 13, I was already away at college. I have heard tell of his reckless high school years but honestly, it was always a second hand story from my mom on the phone in my dorm room and not something I experienced myself. When I was 13, I had no interest in boys at all - and by the time I did get interested in boys, the boys I was interested in were 16. When I think of 13 year old boys, all I can picture is Peter Brady and that it’s time to change, time to rearrange.

So it’s about to get real interesting in here as my twins turn 13 this week. Their friends - the neighborhood kids whose bikes are parked out front and who are throwing the football to each other in my yard - already 13, are still polite and sweet, even as their voices start to change and they get the little upper lip fuzz. Mostly, I just don’t know how this happened, when it was just yesterday that they were in pre-school and seemingly this morning they were learning to ride bikes. Certainly, the days are long L O N G long, but the years fly by. Happy Birthday to my boys this week, and happy week to us all — as we welcome a new administration and see what happens next. Godspeed to us all.

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