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United We Stand

Voting rights are on the line. The pandemic rages, filling hospitals and overwhelming health systems. There is school stress and winter blues. We are sick of each other, our houses are a post-holiday disaster. Social media used to be our five minute escape but now it’s become doom scrolling. We need sunshine, we need daffodils, and we need something to unite us and not divide us.

And so, God gave us Wordle. Have you Wordled? The Wordle is bringing us together. The Wordle is telling us that we are okay, no need to PANIC, yes it’s BANAL lately, but we can use our POWER to accomplish STUFF. The Wordle helps us simplify our thoughts, breaking them neatly into five letter words. Our bosses are posting their wordles. My kids and mom are texting each other their grids. It’s the first thing I do each morning, and immediately I get a huge sense of accomplishment and success and I haven’t even put my feet on the floor yet. The memes are fantastic. It’s free, accessible, smart, easy fun. We are discussing strategies in our group chats and sharing hints with our family all day long, dropping words like SOLAR into conversation as if it’s just normal. (oh, is that just our family? Oh.)

It’s the healthiest pandemic addiction there is. Get wordling and thank me later. Because in a world that is crumbling under the pressure, we need small escapes.

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