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It’s happening. Like, happening. Our parents are fully vaccinated. People in our social network are fully vaccinated. The kids’ teachers are fully vaccinated. Our siblings are getting vaccinated, and we are close to being fully vaccinated ourselves.

My friend Laura, a teacher near King of Prussia, flew to Georgia and hugged her mom, who she hasn’t seen in 15 months. Our kids can hug their grandparents again, risk free. What a gift. WHAT A GIFT.

Let’s keep paying it forward into the world, this gift of living through this pandemic. Let’s keep appreciating - every day! - our extreme luck and our extreme privilege, and every thing that brought us to the moment where we realize that we are on the other side. I don’t feel like we are there yet, but each day brings us one step closer. One step closer to full time school, one step closer to travel, one step closer to concerts, one step closer to whatever it is we are missing most.

We’ve got this.

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