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We are vaccinated, caffeinated, and headed to the beach for the most needed vacation ever. WFH + COVID school year + life with teenagers has us ready to unplug and spend a few weeks with books, friends, family, naps, cocktails, sand and water. It’s vacci-cation season. Get vaxxed, and get out of dodge - that’s our plan.

We’ve been doing this trip for a while - some years more families, some years fewer, but always a big house in OBX with a pool, friends that are like family, and a week of worrying about nothing besides whose turn it is to get coffee, whose turn it is to check on the kids (they’re fine), and who’s reading what. There is always music, a puzzle going, and someone to catch up with — whether it’s hearing about my college friends’ parents and siblings, or hearing about their children’s activities and passions. As our college crew has drifted apart geographically and also because we are all busy with families and lives, we don’t catch up as much as we’d like — COVID facetimes aside. This week together cinches us tight again, until the next visit.

But I can’t help but wonder - is this it? The oldest chickens of us Blue Hens are headed to college (next generation Hens gearing up!!) and, at least for me, that’s when my family vacations sort of stopped. I spent college summers interning or waiting tables in resort towns with friends, and vacations didn’t really figure into it too regularly. Will the crew carry on next summer without the college kids, or with them, or what? No one knows - and if COVID taught us anything (besides leggings for life), it taught us this: make memories while you can, and make every moment count.

Headed to OBX and Dewey to do just that. Cheers!

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