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We Are Not Okay

On Friday morning I woke up with three children equal in the eyes of their government. Before noon, it was announced that one child was less than the others. Every news source announced it. Women are not free in America! Women, already underpaid and overworked, are less free than their brothers and sons and husbands and fathers. Women, who leaned in and had it all and brought home the bacon AND fried it up in a pan and balance balance balance, were no longer free citizens of America.

Not hyperbole. When SCOTUS announced that they have overturned Roe v. Wade, they announced loudly and clearly and in plain view of everyone, that women do not have the freedom to make our own healthcare decisions. We now live in a country where forced birth is acceptable - and in many places, in too many places, it’s REQUIRED.

What’s next? Can we continue to make our own financial decisions? How about our own marital decisions? What about if we want to apply for a job - can we make those decisions for ourselves? Can we get an IUD, an ablation, the pill? Can we get Tylenol? Can we go to college? Are we allowed to shop for clothing we like, food we like, cars we like? Or can we not be trusted to make those decisions either? Is this sounding more and more like a preview for the next season of the Handmaid’s Tale to anyone else?

Here’s the thing. Forced birth is policy only for those who don’t have the means to overcome it. We know this to be true. Abortion care will always be available to those who can travel for it and can pay for it. My kids, should an abortion ever be something that needs to be considered in their lives, will be just fine. They can come home to Delaware and make an appointment in this state which has worked hard to codify Roe and protect providers and expand services. I talked them each about it this weekend. I talked to our sons about being incredibly careful and supportive partners. I talked to our daughter about being an incredibly careful woman, and about being a supportive friend. I promised them that they could always come to me for help.

And if you’re reading this, and you need abortion care, you can come to me for help too.

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