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We Are The Heroes

Once again, it’s up to us. Not us as in humans (although my God, wear a freaking mask), or us as in Delawareans (guys, the mall? Really?), but us as in women. What needs saving this time? Small businesses and local restaurants. What’s our task? SHOPPING.

Moms, we’ve GOT THIS. We have TRAINED for this. We can DO THIS.

Remember how every holiday you say there’s too much junk and you’re scaling back? NOPE. Not this year. This year, you’re scaling UP - but in a thoughtful way. No more candy bars or register-line impulses from Walgreens. This year, you get your stocking stuffer candy bars and your gelt from Candy for All Occasions in Fairfax, or The Back Burner to Go in Hockessin. What else are you gifting this season?

Books? Call the Hockessin Book Shelf. To my N. Wilmington friends, Hockessin is *not* 150 miles away.

Gift exchange with your cousins / family / friends / colleagues? Restaurant gift cards. Done and done.

Beautiful and practical items for homes are always available at local garden centers - try Gateway Gardens in Hockessin, or Old Country Gardens on Wilson Road. Peter Kate in Fairfax has beautiful home items (and adorable loungewear, scarves, sweaters — even cute socks for him). We love Two Sisters in Independence Mall, Heart & Home in Pike Creek, bloom in Newark, Al’s Sporting Goods downtown, Delaware Running Co, The Pink Turtle, and so many other local gems.

The best part? Thoughtful shop keepers with hand san at the door, friendly customers waiting in a short line outside to keep in-store traffic minimal. Parking is a cinch.

Commit to putting your money into the LOCAL economy this year, and when we all re-emerge after our COVID hibernation, our community will still be here to welcome us with open arms. For now, let’s comfort them with open wallets.

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