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Wedding Bells

My forever wedding date (I literally do not ever refer to my husband that way but it is kind of cute) and I celebrated the new marriage of close work friends of mine this weekend. We ourselves are a few weeks away from our 18th wedding anniversary and celebrating with this adorable couple and their family - both blood and chosen, as the officiant said - was simply joyful. There are years where you feel like all you do is go to weddings and related events - showers, bachelorette weekends, dress shoppings, engagement parties. And then all those friends settle into the having family years and it is first birthdays and communions and aside from the random cousin here and there, you’ll find it’s been years since you’ve attended a wedding.

We were so out of practice! Woke up today with sore feet and possibly a headache, hilarious pics on the camera roll, and a few friend / follow requests from new friends — and the renewed joy of weddings. There’s not much better than standing with friends who are like family, a glass of bubbly in your hand, surrounded by people united in one singular purpose: to surround these friends with love and good wishes.

Plus after 2020 and the subsequent limited social events, it felt extra joyful to be out among dear friends, dancing and singing and cheersing and laughing.

And also - the dressy pants as wedding attire? The bride’s two-piece wedding dress? Velvet blazers? HERE FOR IT!

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