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What a Difference a Year Makes

A year ago, we zoomed for Easter and had our first driveway visit with friends after the March lockdown - and we didn’t let the kids play basketball in the driveway for fear that they’d catch COVID from each other via basketball after we had seen literally no one else for weeks. The kids wouldn’t go back to school for months.

Now, tomorrow, a few of my kids will go back FOUR DAYS A WEEK. I can’t even imagine how to do this, what with the carline and the schedule and the uniforms and the different kids on different days going different places but we’ll manage and we will do so happily because FOUR DAYS. Guys, this is four days more each week than this time last year and that is a one thousand percent improvement and I am feeling gleeful and ready for what lies ahead. They need this. I need this. Collectively, we need this.

A year ago, we were digging out masks from our last home improvement project and wrapping scarves around our faces for trips to the grocery store; we were terrified. Today, the adults in our home are vaccinated and hopeful. We are not out of the woods, but we know the way out now and a year ago we didn’t and that is a very very different mindset.

We’re staying the course. Masking, a little less socially distant (with vaccinated friends), and still limiting our exposure in the world. We know the way out.

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