What’s For Dinner Forever

The stress of a formula shortage on top of the stress of every other part of parenting is more than anyone should ever have to bear.

I was very committed to nursing and successfully did so with my first born, pumping and nursing (with amazing support from partner, family, friends, and lactation consultant) exclusively for her first 5 months. But it came with all kinds of sacrifices - including bouts of thrush (HORRIBLE), mastitis (OMG HORRIBLE) and general physical exhaustion that I could only manage because I worked part-time and had the luxury of an extended maternity leave. This just in - breastfeeding is only “free” if the sacrifice of the mother’s time and wellness has no value. I lasted one month pumping at work before I switched to nursing her only twice each day and pumping never. Pumping is the actual WORST - and I had an easy time of it. In my nightmares, I can still hear the "wee-woo" of the machine. Formula saved my sanity when she was an infant, and it saved my sanity double two years later.

When my twins were born two years later, I was a much wiser mom. I sent those itty bitty newborns right to the nursery, instructed the nursing team to feed them formula or like birdseed I did not care, and I put myself to sleep for 8 hours each night that I was there recovering from a c-section and a hard pregnancy. Going home rested was the best gift I could give my family, and I knew that for sure. My time and sanity had a higher price tag on it this time around.

Feeding your family is maybe not the *hardest* part of parenting - that accolade is split between potty training and driver ed - but it's the most consistently challenging. Like it never ends - from nursing or cleaning bottles to introducing solids to are they allergic to getting them to be less picky to figuring out what's for dinner every night forever and ever amen - it never ends. Whether you have it down to a science (meatless Monday, Taco Tuesday, etc. forever) or you just wing it day after day, it’s agony.

Good luck mamas.

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