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Gone are the days when we would earnestly sprinkle reindeer food in the front yard before bed, when the kids would race to see if Santa ate the cookies before checking to see if the left anything under the tree. In a house full of teens — all who want autonomy, expensive electronics, and cash — can we still find the magic? We hope so … but not until after exams, a few busy weeks at work, and doing the grocery shopping and planning for several holiday celebrations.

As you are out and about, we wish you happy hunting for The Perfect Gift — and the most important reminders of the season: Done is better than perfect, no one is inspecting your wrapping prowess, extra dessert is always a good idea, the slice and bake cookies taste just as good as the ones you spend 8 hours making, and you should feel free to cut every corner that does not bring you joy. Your best is #GoodEnough.

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