Working Moms Dilemma

We’ve all heard the joke - work, sleep, family, fitness, friends - pick 3. But what if I want to pick more? What if I want to work AND also get a good 8 hours of sleep each night AND have a social life with meaningful friendships that I nurture and invest in AND have time with and for the family I love and be a healthy and fit person. Impossible, they say. Pick three.

And yes, many days I pick three. And since 90% of the time I choose sleep - having learned long ago that when I am not sleeping well, everything else falls apart - that really leaves me to choose two. UNTIL I learned to layer it all together.

And so fitness is almost exclusively done with friends. A long walk with a friend checks two boxes, so does doubles tennis. And, with a career in the social justice and advocacy space, I’ve made incredible friendships that can mean I can sometimes check two boxes at once there as well - work and friends. Check, check.

No, there is never enough time - but doing two things at once does help. See also: how to burnout twice as fast!

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