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Want to add your camp and boost it's awareness?

Welcome to our advertising page for the Camp Buzz! We're excited to help you find the right package and advertising option to promote your camp to Brandywine Valley families looking for fun opportunities to fill their children's summer schedules!

Check our our advertising pamphlet below, fill out the order form for advertising, and of course, if you haven't yet, make sure to add your camp to our growing list of 2024 Summer Camps! Don't hesitate to reach out to us with any questions, we look forward to being the platform to provide you promotions for your camps!

FAQ's about Camp Buzz Advertising


What is the Camp Buzz?

The Camp Buzz is a resource for families to use as one location for all summer, spring, or fall events in the surrounding Brandywine Valley.


I want more than just my camp on a list...

That's great! We do offer additional advertising that comes at a slight cost, but won't break the bank. You can purchase this quickly using the "Purchase Camp Buzz Ad Space" link above, or shoot us an email if you think you have a different idea :)


How do I add my camp to the database?

You can follow the link above that says "Add your Camp for Free!". This will take you to a form to fill out and you can see your camp added to the list live! 


Where can I find more info? 

Read through our advertising pamphlet below! You'll notice it is somewhat similar to our other pamphlets, but with some slight changes. 

Advertising Pamphlet

Check out our Camp Buzz Advertising Pamphlet

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