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Want to add your events or promote your school?

"Without the Brandywine Buzz, I would not have know about the school my children currently go to. Now, I will send them there until they are off to college!"

Brandywine Buzz Subscriber

We know testing dates, transfer dates, open houses, and other school events are important to get in front of prospective families. 

Promoting with the Brandywine Buzz helps get your school's name in front of the right audience. We offer affordable and unique advertising opportunities to ensure that you extend school's awareness to families who aren't familiar. 

We offer a variety of advertising opportunities for schools, including a monthly subscription for advertising credits. Read through our pamphlet below or click on a link to fill out a form to reserve advertising space in the Brandywine School Buzz!

FAQ's about the Advertising Subscription


What is the Value? 

The total value of the School Buzz advertising subscription is $1,900.00/month, but we are offering it at $500/month!


How does it work?

Each month you receive advertising credits. This grants you the ability to advertise whenever if right for you, or simply if you'd like to continue promoting your school.


Can I cancel whenever?

Since it is a month-to-month subscription, you are welcome to cancel your subscription if you no longer require the advertising. We'd be sad to see you go though!


How do I use my advertising credits?

Once you subscribe, you will be sent 3 forms. These forms grant you access to add events to the calendar, request dedicated emails, or request banner ads/social media promotions.


Do the credits roll over? 

Unused credits do not roll over to the next month. Because of this, make sure you are consistent with using your monthly credits!


What if I'm part of a school district? Do I need a subscription for each school?

Nope! Whether you are an individual school or part of a school district, you can use your advertising credits as you would like. The Brandywine Buzz makes it easy to specify which promotions are mapped to which schools, so you only need to worry about which events you want to promote!

Advertising Pamphlet

Check out our School Buzz Advertising Pamphlet

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