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Want to advertise with the Brandywine Buzz?

Advertising with the Brandywine Buzz has never been easier. Below is a checkout form where you can send us information, choose how you'd like us to advertise on our platforms, and submit payment seamlessly. 


Once we have your event or service information, we'll reach out to confirm the information is correct. After that, you'll see your advertisement on our platforms to our audience! Read through our FAQ's or 2024 Advertising Pamphlet if you have any questions, or don't hesitate to reach out to us!

FAQ's about Brandywine Buzz Advertising


How can I purchase ad space?

We have a checkout form that makes this process as easy as we can. You can purchase your advertising order through that, or reach out to us if you have questions about specific ideas you're looking for.


Can I just add my event to your calendar?

Of course! You don't need to purchase additional advertising space to simply get your event in our media streams. However, promoting your event has a significant increase in website traffic, so we do recommend it!


Can I promote a product or service?

Certainly, although this will be a bit different than normal event advertising. Reach out to us letting us know you'd like to do special advertising and we'll work with you to find the right opportunitity for your offering.


Do you do discounts if I purchase a lot of space up front?

Yep! Just reach out to us letting us know what you are thinking and we'll work on putting together a quote for you at an unbeatable price!

Advertising Pamphlet

Check out our 2024 Advertising Pamphlet

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