This Week’s Buzz: July 28th – August 3rd

The Village PeopleI love, love, love Bunmi Laditan. You do, too, but you may not know her by name. She’s the brilliance behind The Honest Toddler, is a terrific writer, blogger, and brand manager. And probably a terrific mom, although I don’t know her personally.

(I do know Kelly Corrigan personally, thanks to my friend who invited me to tag along to a meet and greet because she is one of my personal heroes but that’s another story.)

Anyway, Bunmi. I loved this piece, published this week on HuffPost. In it, she writes about the village that we modern moms are missing. “I miss the village I never had. The one with mothers doing the washing side by side, clucking and laughing hysterically, tired in body but quick in spirit.”

Bunmi is brill, but I believe that she is using the literary tool of hyperbole in her essay. She’s got…

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Buzz This Week
Check out link for outdoor movies in and around Philadelphia – a great summer treat! read moreMonday, July 28th

  • Check out Wilderness Canoes trips for family fun in the area this summer – canoeing, kayaking andtubing on the Brandywine
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  • 4pm Family Night at Stratosphere Trampoline Park on the Riverfront
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Tuesday, July 29th

  • 11am-3pm Terrific Tuesdays at Winterthur 
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Wednesday, July 30th

  • Noon-1pm Lunchtime Concert Series at Bellevue State Park
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  • 6pm 3rd Annual Waterpark Luau at Killens Pond State Park
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  • Hot S’more Nights at Briar Bush Nature Center
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  • Bike and Hike Evening at Hagley
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Thursday, July 31st


Friday, August 1st

  • The Grand’s Summer Children Theater presents Hansel & Gretel performed by Missoula Children’s Theater at The Grand Opera House
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  • $5 after 5pm at DCM 
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Saturday, August 2nd


Sunday, August 3rd

  • 11am-3pm Peach Party Weekend at Milburn Orchards
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  • 12:30 to 4:30pm Summer Games: Steamin Day at Auburn Heights 
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  • Riverfront Blues Festival 
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Save the Date
  • Saturday, August 16th Fireworks and Fountains at Longwood Gardens 
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  • Sunday, August 24th Back to School Hike at Brandywine Zoo
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5 Little Ways to Help Your Toddler Become More Independent

Our toddlers need us for everything and that is ok.  But they also need to slowly learn that they can take care of themselves.  How can we build the foundation for future independence? Consider boredom a positive.  Don't rush to hand your toddler your iPhone every time you are waiting in line.  Avoid scheduling every minute of the day with jam packed fun.  Let your little one be a bit bored and figure out a way to have fun.  Make sure the environment is safe and check in every few minutes but try to let your child find entertainment without you.  This resource will help your toddler learn creativity, delayed gratification, and confidence. Give jobs and expect them to be done.  Jobs that are just right for a toddler like … [Read More...]


This Week’s Buzz: July 7th – July 13th

Same Circus, Different TentTis the season for vacationing—and that usually means hitting the road with the kids. It means lots of packing and not a whole lot of R& R. As wonderful as the Outer Banks and Florida panhandle and the Lake George … [Read More...]