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Teacher Gifting

I remember as a child handing out homemade Christmas cookies to my teachers and getting a "No thanks, I'm on a diet" in return. As you can imaging as child I didn't understand why my teachers didn't want my homemade cookies! So that this tragic experience doesn't happen to your kid, here are alternatives to edible treats for teacher gifts this year that are as affordable as they are adorable. Click on the images here or visit our amazon storefront!

These stamps are a fun way to help your teacher increase her grading time efficiency!

Ok, how adorable is this! Remind your teacher that they are loved each and everyday when they go to unlock thier classrooms in the morning.

Something everyone could use this time of year.

Help your teacher keep thier desk tidy with this phone and other item organizer.

This one just make us laugh and might make your teacher smile too. Plus its a nice scented candle with a truthful message.

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